Our Code of Conduct at Zymetria

At Zymetria we expect all employees to exhibit the highest standards of ethical behaviour and abide by our code of conduct.

Employees must always:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
  2. Never engage in bribery, corruption, extortion or embezzlement;
  3. Declare all conflicts of interest;
  4. Ensure business hospitality or gifts are reasonable and not intended to effect decisions;
  5. Only obtain competitive information legitimately and for legitimate purposes;
  6. Record and perform all business dealings transparently and accurately;
  7. Safeguard intellectual property, know-how, confidential and personal information;
  8. Store and deliver products and services to meet specifications;
  9. Respect the legal and contractual rights of all workers;
  10. Treat all employees with respect and dignity;
  11. Follow safety and security procedures, only carry out work you are trained to do;
  12. Respect the optional legal rights of others to collective bargaining;
  13. Respect the rights of indigenous people and local communities; and
  14. Aim to protect and preserve the environment.

Speak up internally: +48 22 253 21 16 or externally:

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