Our research is innovative, high quality, yet fast
and cost-effective. We use a full range of research tools,
but typically use online techniques.

Qualitative research

In qualitative research, we often seek answers to the question “why” – in the area of needs, motivations, tensions, aspirations, as well as specific experiences. Conducted directly, they will allow you to see people’s spontaneous and holistic response, or immerse yourself in their reality. An obvious choice when you need quick feedback on your product or packaging. Online qualitative surveys offer broader possibilities and better research quality. In them, it’s easy to go beyond declarations, encourage participants to actively cooperate, e.g. ask the respondent for examples of inspiration, capture the respondent’s experience in the present tense, measure online behavior or use a range of projective techniques.

Quantitative research

Quantitative surveys are used to quantify opinions, behaviors that allow inferences and generalizations about the study population. Very often used to test marketing ideas. Read about possible applications in the “Solutions” tab. Currently, the most popular are surveys conducted via the Internet (Computer Assisted Web Interviews).

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