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We are a cutting-edge research and analytics company created by people who have combined years of experience in marketing research, data science and technology.

For the past 10 years, we have participated in the development of brands, new products, business optimization. We effectively help our clients build advantages in a changing reality. We provide practical recommendations powered by the experience of Zymetria’ experts and knowledge gained through optimized research or analytical processes.

We flexibly tailor our approach to each problem, using proprietary, constantly improving technologies and data science solutions. Our proprietary approach will allow you to predict and understand consumer choices well, and, as a result, make accurate business decisions.

Zymetria's position

In the ranking of research agencies prepared in 2022 by PTBRiO/ESOMAR, we are ranked #4 in online research and #6 in qualitative research. We are the No. 4 research provider for electronic media. We are also an important research provider for two major principals: #7 for the FMCG industry and #5 for the pharmaceutical market.

4 place in online research
6 place in qualitative research
4 place in research for electronic media market
7 place in research for FMCG industry
5 place in research for pharmaceutical market

Zymetria's people

Edyta Maria Czarnota

Managing Partner and co-founder of Zymetria

Barbara Krug

Managing Partner and co-founder of Zymetria

Maciej Czarnota

Partner, Chief Technology Officer

Kinga Giżycka

Partner, Head of Quantitative Research

Agnieszka Kosicka-Grabowska

Partner, Head of Quantitative Research

Ryszard Krug

Partner, Head of Data Science

Joanna Paśnik

Partner, Head of Qualitative Research

Katarzyna Król

Partner, Head of Sustainability Insights & Research

Agata Woźniakowska

Online Community Manager

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