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Profiling and segmentation of customer bases

Do you have a customer base and are looking to increase sales? We will help you by proposing new dimensions for profiling your users’ accounts or creating new segments which will allow you to sell effectively. Our approach is to create relevant decision rules and to tag all accounts in the database with such dimensions that the creation of offers and their communication will hit the needs, which will increase your sales.

Marketing mix modeling

MMM is a method for those who want to check which marketing investments are most effective in supporting sales and enjoy the highest ROI. We will help you optimize your media budget, media mix, calendar and level of investment per medium.

Price optimization

Price is a key driver of marketing. We offer a whole range of approaches to their optimization, estimation of price elasticity – from conjoint research by sales channel, to optimization of pricing policy at the level of store segments within a channel or a single store.

Assortment optimization

Stores like people are different – some premium, others more economy. Putting premium brands into economy stores is a missed opportunity. We’ll help you to adjust which of your product lines should go to which stores, and to ensure distribution and visibility there. As you know, the shelf is not made of rubber.

Sales level estimations

Analytical models are not a rear-view mirror, but primarily a prediction of the future. We use them both for estimating future pre-sales of already existing products under various marketing driver scenarios, and volumetric sales estimates of innovations. We do this so efficiently that you don’t have to limit this type of support for your decisions to only the most important SKUs in your portfolio.

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