Innovation, product, packaging, portfolio development

Wondering what new product to launch? Will it expand your business, attract new consumers and fit into your brand DNA? Our proprietary innovation research will answer all your questions.

Exploration, search for insights

Without understanding the consumer and their relationship with the category, we will not create good solutions. We will help you define consumer segments, understand their needs, identify niches that no one has developed, find insights that are at a premium, in a word, lay the groundwork for coming up with really good solutions.

Generating ideas, creating concepts

Often the bandied-about U&A reports provided do not lend themselves easily to translation into functional ideas. Creating good solutions is an art in itself. That’s why we use the proven method of Design Thinking to develop really good ideas based on exploratory knowledge and consumer personae together with you.

Screening of ideas

If we have a great deal of ideas or ready-made solutions, it is worth selecting those that are promising. This is the screening stage of ideas – we will easily select those ideas that we want to develop further.

Refinement of ideas, concepts

Sometimes it’s tempting to test what we come up with right away – without constructive criticism and additional work on them to improve them. Unfortunately, this is how we can kill great ideas, simply because the original version is underdeveloped…. At this stage, we will create refined concepts that best express a given idea.

Product formula tests

Good products are appreciated by the consumer. We will help you select and refine your product idea to make it unrivaled. Depending on your goal, you can choose a blind test or a branded product test, a formula test in Central Location or in the consumer’s home.

Packaging tests

Packaging is often the only carrier of information about your product, and whether it stands out on the shelf can determine its selection. We will test and help you select and refine your packaging so that it increases your product’s sales while being convenient to use. Using a virtual shelf, we will test whether your packaging will be visible on the shelf and how readily it will be selected.

Refining other elements of the marketing mix-price, name

There are times when the price or name is predetermined. However, if you are asking yourself what you want your product to be called and how much it should cost, then you can use Zymetria’s solutions – name tests, cojnoint pricing studies and DataScience solutions.

Concept and product test

Wondering which concept has the most potential? Unsure if your product delivers on the promises it makes? We’ll help you make an informed choice and determine how much your winning concept stands a chance in the marketplace and whether your product prompts repeat purchases.

Portfolio optimization and development

A new product idea does not exist in a vacuum; it can often become another product in a brand’s portfolio. The obvious question arises about the risk of cannibalization about whether it should become an additional SKU, or is it worth replacing another variant? Using MaxDiff or conjoint methods, we can help you optimally develop your portfolio.

Sales estimation, source of business

Good ideas are essential, but it is satisfactory sales that are the measure of success. There is often a question about the source of business and the risk of cannibalization. At this stage, we will combine our marketing and analytical expertise to provide you with concrete numbers with which you can supplement your business plan.

First experience with innovation

After launching a new solution or product, we have a seeming moment of respite. In fact, at this point we still need some attention, because it is only after the product launch that we collide with reality. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask consumers about their first experience, their satisfaction with the product and their willingness to buy again. “Real time experience” will allow us to optimize support for our launch, identify and take advantage of unexpected growth opportunities.


Prices, assortment, promotions

The importance of pricing and promotional decisions is crucial. We will help you
check what price for your products is optimal, what type of promotion consumers
will respond best to. We will suggest where best to sell the various products in your portfolio.

Price flexibility, price optimization

We will check the price response of your product in a competitive environment on a virtual shelf, and using a conjoint approach or price sensitivity analysis based on sales data, we will estimate price elasticity for your products, and optimize prices for your wallet.

Assortment optimization, shelf management

The shelf isn’t made of rubber, we’ll help you select key SKUs for your channel or store segments and arrange them to increase sales. Based on decision trees, we will help you arrange the ideal planogram, and using an advanced Data Science approach and sales data, we will optimize the assortment even at the specific store level.

Decision tree

Consumer choices should be easy. We can help you create the perfect shelf. We will study the decision-making process, create product segmentation, allowing you to tailor your shelf to the needs of the shopper.

Promotions, POS

We will help you create the most effective promotions and check whether your actions are effective. Using Zymetria’s standardized promotion pre-test tool, you can see how powerful your ideas are compared to the competition, choose the best promotion, and get tips on how to improve it. Our panelists can visit different stores, document their experiences in real time using the Zymetrics app. In this way, we’ll check if your actions are really visible against the competition.



Communication is an area that definitely triggers engagement with decision makers and consumers alike. Our solutions will help you choose the best of your initial ideas, and will also support their development, the creation of creations tailored to different media, and will verify and answer the question of what effect and return on investment the marketing campaign had.

Step 1

Creating communication concepts

A good creative idea is a treasure today. Using our knowledge of the category and the consumer and using the Design Thinking method, we will help you create good concepts.

Step 2

Scenario/script testing

Creating an animatic, let alone a finished advertisement, is a measurable cost. That’s why it’s a good idea to select the best ideas for development in advance. We know how to test scenarios, and we will provide you with tips on how best to develop an idea.

Step 3

Tests of animatics or ready-made ads

There comes a point when we need to choose a final advertising idea or evaluate the potential of finished copy. We will provide you with hard numbers, but also soft diagnostics so that your decision is based on solid grounds.

Step 4

Effectiveness of communication

This is the moment of truth. On the one hand, we want to assess how much our communication has affected sales, how much it has changed opinions about the brand or product. We will help you measure this comprehensively – from measuring the effectiveness of a single campaign to a comprehensive analysis of all your activities.



We will support you in the area of sustainability efforts. We will help both research and strategize. We will conduct a full diagnosis of the environmental and social impact of your business. We will measure the carbon footprint it emits, determine which targets are most important and advise on the optimal strategy for sustainability efforts (SDGs).

We will also suggest ideas for new solutions and products, or greener packaging. We will determine ways to communicate implemented solutions that are fully in line with your company’s sustainability strategy. We will also measure the effects of your actions.

You can start the process at any stop on your journey to Sustainability you choose.

Step 1


  • Diagnose environmental and social impacts
  • Find your target (17 SDGs)
  • Determine your level of knowledge
  • Measure hard and soft carbon footprints
  • Explore what customers say about it
Step 2


  • Support in SDG target selection or
  • Decarbonization scoping and prioritization
  • Research and strategy workshops
  • Design Thinking for Sustainability
  • Partnerships
Step 3


  • Research and workshops for the creation of specific solutions and the implementation of the chosen strategic goals (creation)
  • Design Thinking for Sustainability
  • Translation of solutions into language that is understandable and engaging for the audience through SustaTranslator
Step 4


  • Strategy implementation through products, packaging, communications
  • Tests: Susta Idea, Susta Concept, Susta Ad, Susta Pack, Susta CX
  • Susta AdsGuide – tips for creating effective and credible communications
  • Communication reports and certifications
Step 5

Sustainability measurement

  • Measuring the impact of your activities on your brand, product.
  • Post-implementation audit in your organisation.
  • Check what the consumer’s experience is with a more sustainable product or service.


Brand research will help you create and skillfully develop the strength and differentiation of your brand. We will show you how strong your brand is in the category, what unique associations and image advantages it has, who it is reaching, and whether its place in the category and development are going according to your objectives and positioning.

Brand health

Diagnosing the health of your brand is essential. We will provide you with hard indicators of your brand’s strength and tips on how to increase the chances of its selection and willingness to recommend it. We will get to the emotions, perceptions about the brand that build its strength or weakness.

Brand position

Without basic knowledge of brand awareness, brand usage, or consumer profile, it is difficult to manage it effectively. We will provide you with the knowledge crucial to your work, with the help of tracking, we will also measure how the brand’s position changes over time.

Brand extension

We will verify the categories by which your brand is worth expanding, the products by which it is worth expanding its portfolio.



UX (user experience) research is great at showing you what users of your systems, technologies or products need and want. You will be able to use the knowledge from this research to improve existing solutions and design new better ones. Iteration after iteration.

Step 1

Identification of user needs

We will understand the user experience and their needs. We will provide inspiration on how to build the best solutions offered by the brand for them.

Step 2

Creating solutions

Using the Design Thinking method, we will help you create solutions in accordance with user needs and habits and general usability principles.

Step 3

Testing solutions

In the spirit of agile research, we will check the reaction of users to the developed solutions, which will allow us to quickly modify them and develop the final and best solution.

Step 4

Evaluation of the final solution

It’s time for the final touches. We will evaluate the final solution, point out what is worth improving.


Customer and consumer experience

In Customer Experience research, we study consumers’ experiences with every possible point of contact with your brand: from product, communication to your online store or contact with a representative. Through this research, you can catch and respond to potential problems so that your business grows in the most optimal way. Improving the consumer experience in key areas has a strong impact on consumer loyalty.


Customer Journey

In Customer Journey research, we will identify the key touchpoints (points of contact) in the consumer’s relationship with your brand/service. We will find out which are the key sweet spots (positive points) and pain points (stress points). All of this will help you build competitive advantages at the next stages of the customer journey.

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