We are an innovative research and analytics company. We combine expertise in marketing research, data science and technology.

Our proprietary approach will help you better understand consumer behavior and predict their decisions. This will help you make accurate business decisions.

Our strength is our interdisciplinary competence


Our team uses robust, innovative and proven research methods to provide you with exactly what you need. We make sure to provide real and meaningful insights both qualitative and quantitative, because we know they are crucial to making sound business decisions.

Design Thinking

Our certified Design Thinking process improvement experts will help you come up with and design functional and modern solutions – from a product idea, its communication, to UX solutions in an online store, or noteworthy technological innovations.

Data science

Our market-leading expertise in marketing, media, economics and finance combined with mathematical and statistical knowledge allows us to perfectly translate your business challenges into the language of mathematical models.

BI dashboarding

We provide complete and comprehensive solutions that allow you to process and conveniently analyze all of your data. We help you understand and connect the world of marketing and IT – one of the major challenges of the digital world. We work with Microsoft (Partner) and Amazon.

Sustainability Sustainability
Assortment Assortment
Communication Communication
Consumer experience Consumer experience
Customer Jorney Customer Jorney
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Packaging Packaging
Customer Experience Customer Experience
Sustainability Sustainability
Assortment Assortment
Communication Communication
Consumer experience Consumer experience
Customer Jorney Customer Jorney
Prooduct Prooduct
Packaging Packaging
Customer Experience Customer Experience

Research and analytics is our passion

It is with great dedication and pleasure that we deal extensively with research and analytics in the field of marketing. We will help you in every area of marketing – analysis of brand, product, price, promotional activities, communication to packaging design. Together with you, we will create, as well as improve solutions for both consumers and your business.

Innovation, portfolio development

Wondering what new product or innovation to launch? Thinking about whether it will increase your business, attract new customers and fit into your brand DNA? Find the answers to your questions in our proprietary innovation research.

Prices, assortment, promotions

The importance of pricing and promotional decisions is crucial. We will help you check what price for your products is optimal, what type of promotion consumers will respond best to. We will suggest where best to sell the various products in your portfolio.


Communication is an area that definitely triggers engagement with decision makers and consumers alike. Our solutions will help you choose the best of your initial ideas, and will also support their development, the creation of creations tailored to different media, and will verify and answer the question of what effect and return on investment the marketing campaign had.


We will support you in the area of Sustainability both research-wise and strategically. From fully diagnosing the environmental and social impact of your business, to measuring your hard and soft carbon footprint, to setting sustainability goals and strategies (SDGs). And also ideas for new solutions, new products, greener packaging, or ways to communicate implemented solutions in line with the sustainability strategy. We will also measure the effects of your actions. You can start this process at any stop on your Sustainability journey of your choice.


Brand research will help you create and skillfully develop the strength and differentiation of your brand. We will show you how strong your brand is in the category, what unique associations and image advantages it has, who it is reaching, and whether its place in the category and development are going according to your objectives and positioning.


UX research is great at showing you what users of your systems, technologies or products need and want. You will be able to use the knowledge from this research to improve existing solutions and design new better ones. Iteration after iteration.


Product research is liked by all of us – both researchers and consumers. Their goal is to create a product perfectly tailored to consumers’ needs. In product research you can both check the initial idea / product concept and its final shape, formula. We will help you determine its market potential, also volumetric, key target, advise on the best distribution channel.


The shelf is a key moment in selling a product, where decisions are sometimes made in seconds. In the shelf test, we will help you see if your product stands out on the shelf, which graphic line attracts the most attention compared to the competition. Packaging is one of the key vehicles for positioning – we’ll help you choose the design that fits with your brand DNA. We will also not leave unanswered the issues related to the functioning and convenience of packaging on a daily basis.

Customer and consumer experience

In Customer Experience research, we study consumers’ experiences with every possible point of contact with your brand – from product, communication to your online store or contact with a representative. Through this research, you can catch and respond to potential problems so that your business grows in the most optimal way. Improving the consumer experience in key areas has a strong impact on consumer loyalty.

Customer Journey

In Customer Journey research, we will identify the key touchpoints (points of contact) in the consumer’s relationship with your brand/service. We will find out which are the key sweet spots (positive points) and pain points (stress points). All of this will help you build competitive advantages at the next stages of the customer journey.


They trusted us

We ensure a positive work environment

Using the Gallup StrengthFinder approach, we have identified our strengths – they are strategic thinking and the ability to build good relationships. We take great care to continually develop these strengths. You will not meet among us people focused on competition, but you will meet smart people who are open to cooperation, mutual help, inspiration and readiness for continuous development.

We know that we can rely on each other

Particularly important to us is mutual support and a sense of responsibility for what is being done. Our work is the result of harmonious cooperation and the fact that we can rely on each other.

Here everyone is unique

We look at each team member on an individual basis – with us there are no limits based on salary scales or a minimum number of years for promotion. We appreciate the desire for development, the ability to take responsibility, commitment, willingness to help others and good work organization.

We offer a flexible working model

Our team includes both students and people with 30 years of experience. From different cities and even countries. They are people with diverse backgrounds – mathematicians, sociologists, psychologists, ethnologists, computer scientists and other specialists (qualitative researchers, quantitative researchers, data scientists). We offer remote work, in a hybrid model, as well as part-time work.

Tell us what you need

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