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January episode of online video market pulse survey

The January episode of SVoD pulse only in Media and Marketing Poland. What is the position of each service? Is buying a subscription to SVoD a good idea for a Christmas gift? Let’s read!

Our Code of Conduct at Zymetria

At Zymetria we expect all employees to exhibit the highest standards of ethical behaviour and abide by our code of conduct. Employees must always: Comply with all applicable laws and regulations; Never engage in

ELECTRONIC WASTE – only 24% of respondents know how to recognize it

This is according to a survey conducted by Zymetria on behalf of RLG Poland. 9 out of 10 Poles have thrown away at least one electro-waste this year. And yet many people do not

Zymetria and Whirpool on White Goods

Repairing white goods is better than buying new, as long as it makes financial sense. Zymetria carried out a study on behalf of Whirlpool (“Attitudes and behaviour of users of large household appliances –

Poles accept water price increases

This is according to a survey conducted by Zymetria on behalf of the Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce. Poles agree with the fact that increases are necessary to be able to ensure safety through

What we eat affects the planet and the climate

Zymetria conducted a study commissioned by the Interdisciplinary Center for Analysis and Collaboration Food for the Future. It shows that Poles do not see links between their food choices and their health or the

Habits in disinfecting wounds stay with us for years

“Is water and soap enough for wounds and cuts? – Facts and myths of wound decontamination” is a study that Zymetria conducted on behalf of Schulke. It shows that as many as 20% of

Shopping malls no longer just for shopping

The role of shopping malls has been changing in recent times. Customers expect not only to be able to shop, but also want to be able to run other errands. According to a Zymetria

We are increasingly shopping on Tiktok and Instagram

According to a report that Zymetria prepared on behalf of BrandLift, social media shopping is becoming increasingly popular and is increasingly overtaking the position of e-marketplaces. Influencers are playing an essential role in shopping

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