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Polish women and men towards the energy transition

We present Zymetria’s latest report on attitudes toward the energy transition. From the report, we will find out what concerns we have about energy security, what sources we would most like to get energy

Christmas white or green?

This year we again asked Poles if they are open to eco-friendly gifts, intangible experiences and what pro-environmental actions they take during the holiday season, or which brands and companies are perceived as festively

Attitudes of Polish women and men (7)

Tracking sentiment Introducing the November 7 wave of the survey, which shows that the Polish public, after a difficult period of financial problems, is feeling an improvement, and that their concern for daily existence

Online video market pulse study

In 2023, Media and Marketing Poland has already featured 7 episodes of a pulse study of the online video market, based on a quantitative study conducted by Zymetria. Together with MMP, we take an

Time for sustainability

Find out what Poles know and think about sustainability, how engaged they are and what pro-environmental actions they take. How brands and companies communicate with consumers, and what consumers’ experiences of greenwashing are.

Eco-friendly Christmas – are we ready?

Are Poles open to eco-friendly gifts, non-material experience, what pro-environmental actions they take during the holiday season, which brands and companies are perceived as Christmas pro-environmental.

Back to Great Normal – Poles on online shopping (4th wave)

The impact of the end of the pandemic and inflationary pressures on the development of the ecommerce market in Poland, changes inonline shopping of major categories, online sales models, development of quick commerce.

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