Zymetria – Go Digital’s partner

We are thrilled to announce that Zymetria is joining Go Digital – an inspiring community of entrepreneurial women from all over Poland looking to grow their businesses in the digital world! On 27 June, International Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day, we are starting the digital revolution with other women at GoDigitalDay.

🌐 Join GOdigital!

🌟 Get comfortable with networking and give your business extra support! 🌟

You won’t be in this alone! Along with you will be other business owners who, like you, want to tap into the potential of digitalisation.

📅 Join us online! 📅 27 June 2024 🕤 Start: 9:30 am

You’ll take a free GO digital test

✅ You will learn about new digital tools

✅ Together we will start a digital revolution in Poland!

Don’t wait, join us and change the future of your business!

Let’s build a stronger and more competitive digital economy together!

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