Ryszard Krug and Joanna Paśnik on the stages of INSUMMIT

Ryszard Krug and Joanna Paśnik on the stages of INSUMMIT – a festival of insight and innovation oraganized by PTBRiO.
Joanna led the workshop “What if the Sustainable Development Goals (17SDG) were Individuals you would love them more?”. The workshop helped participants learn and understand the Sustainable Development Goals, and supports their selection, implementation and effective implementation. Because the 17 SDG goals are the basis for ESG strategies for large, medium and small companies. It was a solid dose of knowledge and data about society and the consumer given in the best form.

Ryszard, in his speech “The pursuit of the Holy Grail of forecasting,” talked about:
✅The stock market’s inspiration for forecasting in business from technical analysis to algorithmic trading to artificial intelligence.
✅How to use the methods, but also how to avoid risks associated with the use of (new) technologies.
✅Examples already from the area of over-the-counter applications of forecasting for, among other things, controlling product/service prices.

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