Zymetria Sets a Benchmark as Poland’s First Research Agency to Publish Its Carbon Footprint for 2022

Zymetria is the first research agency in Poland to calculate and publish its carbon footprint for 2022. It is 13, 596 tons of CO2 (in scopes 1, 2, 3). We are becoming a responsible business partner and a responsible marketing research provider, which is important in the value chain for companies counting and reducing their carbon footprint and being attentive to CSRD. We are aware of our environmental impact and are implementing a decarbonization strategy – our reduction targets by 2026 calculated based on SBT standards are 11% and 23% by 2030.
We are responsible for legal and legislative standards and implementation of the green tranformation of the global economy.
We are consistent in what we offer in our sustainability-related research offerings.

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